Jesse Neubert, MBA

Jesse Neubert, MBA
Ringmaster (AKA Head of the Circus)

Innately inquisitive,  Jesse has affectionately (and unaffectionately) been referred to as the ‘mad scientist’, bringing an unrelenting passion for discovering ‘edge’, and extracting ‘alpha’ through outside-the-box approaches that challenge the status quo.


Dynamic professional known for developing and motivating successful teams within highly competitive industries, and for developing and launching impactful brands,  products,  and solutions. Holds a proven track record in business & technology consulting,  competitive intelligence,  performance optimization,  & risk management.



Eureka College – B.S. Med. Sciences/Biology Pre-med
University of Phoenix, Chicagoland Campus – MBA (specializing in finance,  transformational leadership,  and business law)
University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business – Data Analytics (Finance Specialization)


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