Turning Data into Dollars.

Leveraging the power of data and technology to lower costs,  reduce risk, forecast outcomes, improve profitability, and find your EDGE.

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Find an EDGE In Today's Market

In today's modern landscape, data-driven models, processes, and practices can help you get AND stay ahead of the competition.

  • Industry-specific Solutions
  • Focused on Performance Optimization
  • Reduce Risk & Drive KPIs
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6240 Hrs.

Avg. Human Labor Hours Saved
Anually Per Client Each year


Avg. Cost Reduction w/
QuantRadus Solutions


Annual Increase in Client Revenue
From Top Performing Model

Solutions That Drive Results.

Applying innovative approches to data analysis and information technology to drive drive market, operational, and business performance.

Data Science

Cut through ‘noise’ and gain an edge in your industry. Discover hidden opportunities while avoiding costly mistakes.

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Predictive Analysis

Multidisciplinary approach aimed at predicting event outcomes with a high degree of confidence.

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Business Intelligence

Transform operations with high-value insights, increasing productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

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Advanced neural network, layered with ML, AI, and SWARM intelligence to deliver highly accurate insights.

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Artificial Intelligence

Future-proof your business with intelligent systems and processes that embrace AI to more effectively reach objectives.

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AI-Assisted SEO

Supercharge SEO performance with AI and ML-powered competitive intelligence, advanced algorithm insights, and more…

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How Our Process Works.

  • 1
    Frame the Problem
    Aimed at aligning focus on an optimal solution to difficult problems, and structuring challenges in a digestible and collaborative way.
  • 2
    Collect the Data
    A multifaceted approach to identifying and ingesting the right information in meaningful ways.
  • 3
    Process the Information
    A multi-disciplinary approach, focused on processing data to deliver actionable and impactful insights and solutions.
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Ready To LEVEL Up?

Don't get left behind. Let us show you how the right technology solutions can bridge the gap between where your company is now, and where you envision it in the future.

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Join 100s of Companies that Have Discovered
and Exploited Thier EDGE with QuantRadius

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At QR we trust the data. Data analysis can help us discover unique (and often hidden) opportunities to outpace and outperform the competition. From conversion rate optimization, to sales intelligence and workflow automation, our solutions drive the numbers that matter most to you and your brand.

Our goal is to leverage data science, AI, automation, machine learning, and other adaptive technologies to develop innovative solutions that can be applied to virtually any department within an organization, from accounting and finance, to marketing and sales. We focus only on high performing solutions that reduce costs, limit risk, increase revenue, improve efficiency/output, limit errors, and more.

Have a problem or challenge and not sure if technology can help? Looking for new opportunities that your competitors are sleeping on or have already capitalized on?

Reach out and let's have a chat. Chances are we can help you get back your edge and outpace the competition.

COMMON DEPARTMENTS THAT BENEFIT FROM OUR SERVICES: Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Service, SEO, Sales,  product/service development, R&D, and more.

Absolutely! We have a demonstrated track record of improving performance for businesses of all sizes, across a multitude of industries. Our client roster includes everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs and startups, to fledging small businesses and publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

We believe in delivering incredible value. A core mission of our company is to focus on cost-reducing or revenue-producing opportunities for clients. We price such services accordingly, with each quote based on the scope of the project at hand. We also offer affordable yet impactful consulting if you're unsure of where to start or what to focus on next.

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