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Finding Your EDGE in Today's Hyper-competitve SERPS

Tapping into competitive intelligence and SEO-espionage to discover what works in REAL TIME.

Our clients typically come to us with a particular objective, timeframe to achieve desired objective(s), and budget in mind.

Working within those confines we seek to leverage AI,  Machine Learning, and Data Science in order to come up with a game plan backed by real-world data,  and with a higher probabilistic chance of success.

By following this approach,  we help clients take calculated risks vs WAGs (wild ass guesses), instilling a sense of confidence that money invested will yield strong ROI.  Our approach ensures that each campaign is akin to shooting a barn with a bazooka, not throwing darts while blindfolded (as is the case with most SEOs).

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The Technology We Use

We leverage a multitude of proprietary systems, algorithms, and competitive intelligence tools, combined with expert analysis to unlock EDGE and outperform the competition.

Our Goals

  • Identify battle-tested SEO tactics
  • Reverse engineer successful campaigns
  • Reduce risk by analyzing failed strategies
  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Leverage big data analysis to guarantee success

The Challange

Google’s algorithm takes into consideration more than 200 independent factors. Each year several major core updates are rolled out,  in addition to dozens of smaller updates.  Further complicating matters is the fact that Google layers its algorithms, each of which contributes to the MACRO algo that results in SERP positions for webpages.

Success Ratio

Over the last decade, our team has perfected high probability methodologies that deliver a high degree of succes.

Failure Ratio

Just as (if not more) important, is leveraging our technology to reduce risk and limit 'loss' while maximizing ROI.


Forget Re-inventing the Wheel…we just want to make it faster, more efficient, and more reliable.

For many clients (especially those who have been ‘burned’ by other agencies),  investing in SEO can feel like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Wouldn’t it be nice to assure them that the parachute is going to open when they pull the rip cord? We think so.

With that in mind, our strategy identifies,  logs/compiles,  analyzes,  and reverse-engineers SEO strategies and tactics (individually and in whole) that are yielding positive ROI for ‘similar’ clients in their market.

BEFORE a single dollar is spent,  we aim to answer the question:  ‘What will move the needle,  in what timeframe,  to what degree,  and what will it cost.’

Once we have an optimal 'Game Plan' modeled, we unleash the implementation team to carry out the necessary tasks, tactics, and strategies to drive growth, hit performance targets, and outperform the competition .

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